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Paula Castillo

Paula Castillo was born in 1961 in a small town along the Río Grande in New Mexico. Castillo’s work recombines personal and familiar elements in unusual ways. The man-made microcosms combined with the expansive natural environment are the catalyst for her critical exploration of the systems and spaces we inhabit; places our own lives depend on.


“I am a contemporary sculptor known for creating form by hand-welding thousands of tiny pieces of metal bi-product together. My preference is for industrial materials scavenged from regional fabricators and scrap yards to simultaneously ‘show and tell’ a piece of the suffocating dislocation of matter. The work annexes minimalist forms and re-inscribes them with a quietly schizophrenic division between the organized desire to dissolve into the world (using permeable webs capable of catching detritus and treasures alike) and the need to buttress margins (using antagonistic and unfriendly obstacles and traps). Ultimately the final goal for all of my artwork really is to expose our real, dense and buried attachments to the ‘other’.”