Three Short Films

the garden | 2014

This very brief film is a parsing of a morning commute in Northern New Mexico with an overlay of Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”; another reweaving of nature/culture, where still in the postcolonial West, notions of disembodiment are foundational. Put this one on loop to see bird.

agnus dei | 2014

This film, of a sheep slaughter, is an attempt to reweave the culture/nature duality via the seemingly paradoxical realities of sustenance and intimacy. This also references a rethinking of the relation of both humanity and divinity in nature, and a symbolic inversion of women/meat connection, i.e. women as consumable objects.

trip to bountiful | 2014

This film, a collaged overlay of footage taken at a basketball game in Northern New Mexico with dialogue from Horton Foote’s play, reflects on the myth of living in concord with nature vs. diasporas propelled by environmental change.


EXHIBITED | Offroad Productions Gallery, Santa Fe – New Mexico 2014